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The Wellman's are currently accepting sponsorship donations for the 2023 calendar year. 

Axe Throwing? That phrase alone puts fear in the masses thinking about Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining.” It’s not something you would expect to see or hear about let alone sponsor an athlete. The world of axe throwing has been around just as long as most other sports but it hasn’t been on your mainstream sports and media. It’s as big as cornhole but not as well publicized. It’s credited with starting in Canada in the mid-2000’s and as early as 2017 was featured on ESPN competitively. Fast forward to the year 2023 and the sport has exploded by hosting 4 – 8 week league sessions per year and 75-100 local, regional, and national tournaments held throughout the world each year. Two of those are televised on ESPN.

Axe throwing could be claimed as the people’s sport. There is no age, race, gender, disability, etc that can hold back the ability to throw an axe. Anyone can do it and do it well. The sport is growing fast with no signs of slowing down.

This is your opportunity to help 2 skilled competitors who have the drive to compete at the highest levels in the sport. As brand ambassadors, the Wellman’s will promote the brand or business with logo placement on the jerseys and apparel they wear to tournaments. Your brand will be promoted on their social media and website and in person promotion at every tournament they attend. They have been featured on TV news stories, local and regional newspapers online and in print, and multiple tournament venue spotlights for their accomplishments.

Work with the Wellman’s to design your sponsorship package to fit your brand or business.


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