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Dustin and Leslie Wellman are Axe Throwing Competitors from Battle Creek, MI. Their love of axe throwing started in 2017 and has continued to grow. During the pandemic in 2019, Dustin built an enclosed throwing building called "The Axe Hole" where they practice everyday. Dustin and Leslie currently compete in Hatchet, Big Axe and Duals under the team name of "Beers Before 8".

Dustin competed in the 2020 WATL World Championship where he placed 33rd. He is currently a member of the WATL Pro-League and will be competing in the WATL US Open in April. He will be competing in hatchet as well as duals with his wife Leslie. He placed 1st in Hatchet at Axe Play in Jackson, MI and Axe Factor Throwing in Plainfield, IL. He place 3rd in Big Axe at both Axe Factor and the marathon league in Medina, OH at TimberBeast. 

Leslie has competed in many tournaments and leagues. She continues to improve her skill and average in all 3 disciplines. She has excelled at Big Axe taking first in league at Axe Factor Throwing. She placed 2nd in Hatchet at league in Jackson, MI at Axe Play. She will be competing in Duals at the US Open in April and is working towards earning a spot at the WATL World Championship this year. 

Duals Team "Beers Before 8" placed 2nd at Axe Factor Throwing in Plainfield, IL.


Photo Credit: Throvv 

Jesse Hummel - Photographer extraordinaire and owner of Throvv. You'll see him at many major Axe Throwing events including the WATL World Championship last year where he took this photo of Dustin. Check out his Facebook page and see where he will be next!

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